You are able to ask our staff for an appointment for an interactive introduction. During this brief explanation you will able to see the capabilities of the Jaltest Diagnostic unit and also try it out with the help of experts.

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Today, we often facing the problem of customized fleets where the ECU unit are often differ from the ones in the original vehicle's. Jaltest cabaple to diagnose these ECU as well and working fine with most of the units but there are quite a few tricks to learn. 
We can help you to use Jaltest Tool with the best efficency, letting you know all the tips and experience.

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With the help of Jaltest Technical assistance, you are able to ask for help from trained engineers as well. We guarantee you will receive help, description of your problem and an extensive solution with guide and additional extras such as wiring diagramms and part locations.*

Please do not hesitate to contact our staff if you facing a critical problem! 

*if its available for the required model