Jaltest Link

Jaltest LINK is a communication Interface that, along with Jaltest Soft, connects your PC to the electronic control units installed on the vehicles.

Jaltest ETM

In the different system, there are electronic modules that can be diagnosed directly. For this reason, Jaltest has created the ETM tool (Electronic Test Module).

Jaltest soft

Jaltest offers the necessary information to repair vehicle breakdowns in an easy and effective way. Also it provides a great amount of additional extra.

Jaltest diagnostic cables

Cables for trucks, trailers, buses and multipin for covering all the possible actions.

 Jaltest additional cables

In some case you will need special cable to perform diagnostics. For example ETM. Also there could be damaged control unit which prevent you from central analyzation.


We in JALTEST group make tromendous effort to make your demands real. We are preparing a new device for you, which will definitley help you to analyse your data. Coming soon..

ADAS rendszer

ADAS rendszer szövegtörzs

Telematics rendszer

Telematics rendszer szövegtörzs

Cojali szerszámok

A Jaltest diagnosztikai eszközével és az AdBlue/DEF modul tisztító készletével,
a rendszer szétszerelése nélkül is tisztíthatók a kristályosodott AdBlue/DEF-maradékok az adagolómodulban,
az injektorvezetékben és magában az injektorban.