Supported vehicles


Jaltest operates as a multibrand tool which can scan multiple systems.

Diagnose of truck systems were the core operation for Jaltest over the years which made Jaltest one of the most comprehensive tool on the market. Giving you all the possibilities to diagnose a wide variety of trucks with multiple systems with one of the most precise way you ever encountered. Also providing you many more information regarding setting preference, activations, part information.


Trailers are a speical field that Jaltest really do care. Started from only break diagnostic features, now Jaltest able to build up editable system structures which help you customize the trailer's type. Knowing, that all trailers are desingned for a speical features with the given special systems, Jaltest gives you advantage to have an efficient diagnostic that helps you identify the problems as fast as possible


Jaltest operates as a multibrand tool which can scan multiple systems.

This extensive development of the tool and being able to confront multiple combination of bus systems made Jaltest one of the best tool. You can build up your own structure, diagnose, get information and ask professionals of Jaltest which make your work more efficient.

Light commercial vehicle

After a few years on the market Jaltest felt the need of supporting light commercial vehicle diagnostic. Most of these units are desinged for transportation, some of them with special systems included. After establish a realible knowledge base, Jaltest now supports this type of vehicles with gradually growing possibilities regarding the diagnostic and information features

Special vehicles

JalTest is able to help you when you're facing with a special vehicle like a bulldozer, excavators. These speical built machines are designed for a specific reason and only appear in specific areas. JalTest team are continiously developing the features of their interface which can help you to make the most accurate diagnose on these vehicles.

Agricultural vehicles

Special area for Jaltest to support agricultural vehicles and systems. Requires special feature sets, very specific systems.
The diagnostic of this type growing continiously by customer feedbacks and by following industry standards.

Aggregators , Special engines

JalTest is able to diagnose several mobile devices such as power regulators etc. For now, the possible interactions are limited but growing upon customer feedbacks. Please contact our customer support to have a better understanding of the current developments!