Trailers are a speical field that Jaltest really do care. Started from only break diagnostic features, now Jaltest able to build up editable system structures which help you customize the trailer's type. Knowing, that all trailers are desingned for a speical features with the given special systems, Jaltest gives you advantage to have an efficient diagnostic that helps you identify the problems as fast as possible.


  • Connector location information
  • Diagnosis can be recorded to each bus, which now autodetect the complete error list on the integrated systems
  • Compontent activation and actuation - You can interract with each system without taking them apart
  • Measuring - Display and measure up to 8 user selected values at the same time. Also presents reference values (if available from OEM side)
  • Parameter configuration - special option to modify the core of an element
  • ECU data - complete information of the ECUs which helps identify the system sturcture
  • Error clearence - error codes can be handled with care, failure indicator lamps can be revised
  • End-of-line test: You have the possibility to utilize this process which helps you replacing the EBS unit
  • Covered systems: ABS;EBS; Suspension;

Supported brands:

Systems: Wabco | Knorr- Bremse | Haldex


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